The Choir

All Saints is fortunate to still have a robed choir to support the services week by week. The adult choir sings in parts (Soprano, Alto and Bass) and we have a Junior Choir (currently 10 Children) who sing two or three times per month and at rehearsals take part in the RSCM Voice for Life Scheme.

The Choir is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music and takes part in local events provided by the RSCM Area Committee.

We practice in Church every Thursday evening under the leadership of our Organist and Choirmaster Mike Jones:

  • Juniors 5.30pm to 7.00pm (1 hour dependent upon age)
  • Adults 7.30pm to 9.00pm

We are enthusiastic in our singing and worship and enjoy sharing fellowship together.

The Parish Church Choir is always on the look-out for new members. You don’t need previous experience, nor is reading music necessary, just a love of singing. Give us a try………..



For more details please contact Mike via the “Contact Page” on this site.

The Organ

In 2015 the Parochial Church Council took the decision to extensively rebuild the three manual Westmorland Organ (originally by Makin Organs). The organ was originally installed in the early 1980’s but had become outdated and unreliable.

The rebuild was carried out by Phoenix Organs (Darwin) in October 2015 and the opening recital was given by Prof. Ian Tracey (Organist Titulaire – Liverpool Cathedral) in March 2016.

A full specification of the organ is provided below.

Makin Westmorland installed in 1982 and rebuilt by Phoenix Organs in 2015

GREAT     SWELL (enclosed)
1 Double Geigen 16ft 1 Geigen Diapason 16ft
2 Open Diapason I 8ft 2 Gedackt 8ft
3 Open Diapason II 8ft 3 Salicional 8ft
4 Clarabella 8ft 4 Vox Angelica 8ft
5 Octave 4ft 5 Principal 4ft
6 Wald Flute 4ft 6 Lieblich Flute 4ft
7 Twelfth 2 ft 7 Fifteenth 2ft
8 Fifteenth 2ft 8 Mixture III Rks
9 Fourniture IV Rks 9 Double Trumpet 16ft
10 Cymballe III Rks 10 Trumpet 8ft
11 Trumpet 8ft 11 Oboe 8ft
Swell to Great 12 Clarion 4ft
Choir to Great Swell Sub-Octave
  Swell Octave
1 Contra Bourdon 32ft
2 Open Wood 16ft CHOIR (enclosed)
3 Violone 16ft 1 Gedackt 8ft
4 Bourdon 16ft 2 Rohr Flute 8ft
5 Octave 8ft 3 Dulciana 8ft
6 Bass Flute 8ft 4 Nason Flute 4ft
7 Fifteenth 4ft 5 Flauto Traverso 4ft
8 Mixture IV Rks 6 Nazard 2 ft 2 ft
9 Contra Bombarde 32ft 7 Block Flute 2ft
10 Trombone 16ft 8 Tierce 1 ft 2 ft
11 Clarion 8ft 9 Larigot 1 ft 2 ft
12 Schalmei 4ft 10 Clarinet 8ft
Swell to Pedal 11 Tuba 8ft
Great to Pedal Tremulant
Choir to Pedal Swell to Choir
10 General Thumb Pistons (A – J)
6 Thumb Pistons to Swell, Great and Choir
Thumb Pistons: SW-PD, SW-GT, GT-PD, CH-PD
Foot Pistons: SW-GT, GT-PD


6 General Foot Pistons
6 Pedal Pistons
16 Level Memory
General Cancel